A peaceful island to stop and rest while wandering around the world, this is what our hotel offers its guests. Not a neutral place but part of an emotional and mental experience. A place that stimulates new sensations, ideas and thoughts. A place that reflects its surroundings, the rich culture of Milan, the history of the hotel's owners and the story of the guests. A place to relax, sleep, have breakfast, work and think.

You can lounge in the living room and grab a book from the shelf, skip through a comic strip and magazine or sip an authentic coffee from Naples or a selected prosecco. Every space is meant to create a cosy atmosphere, with individually hand picked objects with their own stories.

Ancient furniture bought in antique shops and flea markets. With this in mind, we have recently started to select pieces of modern art work which reflect this philosophy of life and state of being .

In the hall you can see the work Overground-Underground by Mariangela Levita, an internationally known artist.

In the corridors you can notice many paintings by young Iranian artists such as Nadir, Frz and Khamoosh (from the art collective known as East Street Art). In the breakfast room you can see Caroline Peyron's work and in the bar there are iron art pieces by the Angels of Scampia.


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