our Story

a story that began in 1909
Hotel San Guido Porta Volta was built in 1909 and was then called Hotel Volta. In a hundred years of Milan's history, it has become a landmark of the area.

Since it has always belonged to the same family who handed it down from generation to generation, it can rightly be considered a family business.

The idea behind it is a typical Milanese family environment so that our guests can feel at home. In a world where most hotels belong to international chains, and are all very similar, we offer our guests the extra human touch.

According to the new project of Porta Volta recently approved, the building of Feltrinelli will be coupled by a symmetrical but smaller construction that will house the historical Museum of the Resistance. The project also includes a green area of trees along the ancient Spanish walls.

In the summer 2020 Porta Volta started also to house the new Design Museum.
The city's major attractions are well connected by public transport. All rooms have antique furniture bought over the years in Milan and surroundings.

Great care is taken in the preparation of breakfast with handmade cakes and selected products.
Cats and dogs are welcome.
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